PPL can offer a full turnkey solution to work with our customers to enable them to reduce their carbon emissions and save energy. We will work with end users to provide detailed surveys, calculations of energy saved and measurement and verification to ensure that the capital cost of any project actually meets the requirement to give surety and confidence with the investment. We work with all the major lighting and controls manufactures where our proposals are solution driven and tailored to the clients requirement. We can also work with our partners to undertake water reduction schemes, HVAC optimisation, BMS optimisation and gas initiatives.

Our wealth of experience in project management and delivery of energy related projects is vast and we look to partner with customers and listen to their needs and offer our best advice to ensure that we meet all requirements of current legislation, but also help the customer to reduce carbon emissions, save on utility costs, have a new lighting installation that meets CIBSE requirements and ultimately save money year on year.

We can also take care of production of SALIX and Carbon trust proposals for the healthcare and education sectors. PPL can offer this service to all facets of Commerce, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate and Industrial sectors to work with clients and offer best advice. So whether you are looking for a simple point for point lighting replacement or a full energy services proposal, PPL have all of the tools, experience and proven results to help with all your needs.

  • Asset surveys to understand customer behaviour and key areas to generate immediate cost reduction
  • Full reports prepared to show KWHr, CO2, and Financial reductions
  • M&V to ensure savings are proven
  • Future proofing – Best advice on refit cycles
  • Intelligent metering
  • CHP Capability
  • Wind renewables
  • Ground Heat Pumps
  • VSD Installation
  • BMS optimisation

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